The following are testimonials from some of Dr. Rossana Sida’s former and current clients who wanted to vouch for her work on this website (all names have been removed to protect their confidentiality): 

“I’m still me but it feels so much lighter.”

I wasn’t sure therapy would work for me, since there is nothing that can take away the pain of what happened, and I’m not sure when exactly it started working. All I know is I’m not used to having multiple good days in a row. I love it. I like it. I’m not terrified it will go away. I know I deserve it and I just really want it to stay. I wasn’t prepared for such a vast difference. I’m still me but it feels so much lighter.

Individual Client 2024

“This is the best our marriage has ever been.”

My marriage has been, lets just say, complicated. After 17 years together we almost called it quits until beginning therapy with Dr. Rossana Sida. I was scared to start therapy. I thought the more my wife learned about my pain throughout our marriage the more likely it was she’d give up on it. I can admit when I am wrong and I was really very wrong. After just a couple of months in therapy this is the best our marriage has ever been. It is still not perfect but we are both trying and the most accepting of each other than ever. What Dr. Sida did was give us a place to talk about everything that has happened between us and share our resentments and traumas with each other while also identifying how we participated in the mess. She has prompted some huge conversations between us outside of therapy and we have never ever been able to do that before. I recommend working with Dr. Sida to anyone with a complicated, messy marriage like me. She can help.

Couple Client 2023

“I never thought of sex as valuable before this, and now that I’ve learned what a difference it can make, I can see how important it is for us and for myself.”

There was a lot of learning and unlearning that I needed to do about sex. Dr. Sida helped me to question my beliefs around disappointing my partner and sex being a thing I do for my husband instead of for me. Mostly what I learned in couples therapy was that if we just talk about sex more then it makes it easier to talk about it. I now feel comfortable going to my partner and telling him how I’m feeling sexually and I know that he won’t take this as an invitation to pressure me more but to have a conversation about it with me. I never thought of sex as valuable before this, and now that I’ve learned what a difference it can make, I can see how important it is for us and for myself.

Couple Client 2021

“When the sadness was too great to bear, she was there to help me through it.”

Dr. Rossana was there with me in a time of deep loss. She listened to me and sincerely tried to understand me. When the sadness was too great to bear, she was there to help me through it. Now I’m stronger for it, but I couldn’t have done it alone. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. I’m honored to have met Dr. Rossana and I’m grateful for her time and care. I appreciate how she tried her best to help my relationship, how she always tried to fit extra sessions into her schedule, how she spent so much extra time listening to me. I appreciate her so much. Thank you, Dr. Rossana, from the bottom of my heart.

Individual Client 2020

“My anchor during a difficult time”

Rossana was my anchor during a difficult time. The most important thing I learned is owning and being certain that I was sexually assaulted and it was not my fault. I am so grateful to have had her as my therapist to help me and make me feel that it’s okay to be angry. Rossana was compassionate and solution-focused which allowed me to progress in my healing much faster than I expected I would.

Individual Client 2014

“Today I am feeling stronger and we are both willing to begin anew”

Last year was tough for my husband and I. It took us to darkness, pain, and heaviness that is not easy to bare. It felt like it wouldn’t have an end. Now we are starting to see the light. The heaviness has started to lift and the pain has begun to dissipate largely because of our work with Rossana. She was patient in hearing our sad stories and lended her heart when mine was beginning to close. There were points when I wanted to give up on my marriage but Rossana never gave up on us. Our goal was to stay together and she never let us lose sight of that. Today I am feeling stronger and we are both willing to begin anew.

Couple Client 2015

“Put me at ease and I felt absolutely no judgment”

Working with Rossana has been wonderful. She immediately put me at ease and I felt absolutely no judgement in our sessions and 100% presence in her listening. She asks meaningful questions so I can access a new perspective in situations that have been challenging for me the past 13 years. She is also so flexible in the way we work together, which is so important for my unorthodox travel life and work schedules. After nearly 4 months since my last session, I was able to jump right back in and make a short hour session quite impactful. I have referred friends to her and look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Individual Client 2018

“Sessions became her favorite part of the week”

When my granddaughter started seeing Rossana it was at an extremely hard time in our lives. My daughter, her mother, had passed away 6 months prior and we were having a really difficult time. I wanted her to see a therapist because of the sexual trauma she had experienced before moving in with me. In the beginning my granddaughter did not want to talk to Rossana (or anybody) but by the third session they had formed such a close bond that her therapy sessions became her favorite part of the week! About 1 year into seeing Rossana we experienced another unexpected death in the family and Rossana was helpful for us at that time too. She was able to talk to my granddaughter about death in a way that was too difficult for me to do on my own. Rossana became a really important part of our family and we will always be grateful to her for that.

Family Client 2015

“New perspectives in my life that were really helpful for my relationship”

I really enjoyed my sessions with Rossana. She helped show me some new perspectives in my life that were really helpful for my relationship. I appreciate her patience and open-mindedness to my situation. Through our sessions I have some new skills, resources and guidelines to follow for coping with my sex addiction.

Individual Client 2019

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