AASECT Sex Therapy Certification Supervision

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Virtual Supervision with Dr. Rossana Sida
*for therapists*

If you are thinking about getting AASECT certification, don’t hesitate! Becoming an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist distinguishes you from other therapist, positioning you as a trusted authority on sexuality and sexual health. Sex is an incredibly private and sensitive topic for most and people want a credible therapist to discuss with. Give them a sense of comfort by becoming AASECT certified. The only caveat: it demands a significant educational, financial, and time investment. Yet, as Dr. Sida asserts, “the reward of certification is undoubtably worth it”.

The Process for AASECT Sex Therapy Certification

To get started with AASECT Sex Therapy Certification Supervision, you will first need to be a therapist (trainee, associate, or licensed) to begin the sex therapy education courses and/or supervision. All therapeutic degrees are welcomed, MFT, CSW, PCC, PsyD, PHD.

Second, you will need to be working with at least one client on sex related issues (excluded processing sexual assault trauma) to begin AASECT certification supervision. Ultimately, you will need 300 hours of clinical experience to apply for AASECT certification.

Third, you need to begin and maintain active status as a member of AASECT for clinical hours and supervision to count. This includes adhering to the AASECT code of ethics.

Fourth, you will need to be in the process or have completed an AASECT approved Sex Therapy Educational program which includes 150 hours of sex therapy education and a Sexual Attitudes Reassessment workshop. Starting the educational portion is not a requirement of AASECT supervision but is required upon application of certification.

Fifth, you’re ready to chose your AASECT approved supervisor! You will need to complete 50 hours of supervision (25 of which can be in group supervision).

Supervision With Dr. Rossana Sida, CST-S

Even before Dr. Rossana Sida understood her calling as a therapist, she found herself drawn towards sexual health and sexuality. Typically, one selects to be a therapist then pinpoints their niche. However, for Dr. Sida, her dedication to the field of sexuality was the catalyst that led her to choose psychotherapy as her professional pathway.

Enthusiastically immersing herself in all things sex-related, she absorbs new information on the topic, treating it both as a bobby and the core of her career. This thirst for knowledge has positioned her as a mentor and highly sought-after supervisor for numerous aspiring sex therapists.

From a clinical perspective, Dr. Sida applies the foundational principles of collaborative theory in her supervisor role. She upholds the conviction that every client is ultimately, the expert of their own lives. A therapist intimately family with the client’s experience is their best support, while Dr. Sida’s role is to delve deep into existing knowledge about the client to identify solution pathways from the therapist themselves and use her education and experience to guide along the way.

Dr. Sida has quarterly sign up’s for monthly group supervision and individual supervision is scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cadence.

Supervision with Dr. Rossana Sida typically consists of the following:
– What would you like me/us to know about your clients today?
– Questions and follow up questions
– What feedback are you asking for? Or, What is your question?
– Group gives feedback first, Dr. Sida last.
– Countertransference addressed if applicable
– Was any of that helpful? Or, What ideas were helpful?
– What Dr. Sida/group thinks you did well and opportunities for growth.
– Is there anything else you need to assist you with this client?

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